Friday, October 30, 2009

My Baby Bookworm and her Milestones

The last couple of weeks have proven to be very exciting for David and I. We have had the pleasure of watching Chloe do so many new and amazing things. All of the sudden she decided to wake up and start showing off her amazing talents. It's so funny too, because when she does something new, David and I stare at each other then start screaming with excitement.

Only a parent can understand the excitement you feel your baby rolls over for the first time, or when they accomplish any milestone for that matter. You are just so proud of your little one!! David was hysterical when she rolled over for the first time. He got to see it first, of course (even though I am home with her all day, haha). All of the sudden I hear, "BABE.... BABE....., Chloe just rolled over. Oh my Gosh Chloe, good girl baby, good girl!! (in a very high pitch tone). So cute to see such a proud daddy. Among rolling over in the last couple of weeks, Chloe is also holding onto and shaking her rattle (and any other object she can get her hands on, including mommy's hair), holding her bottle, making lots of new sounds, jumping around in her bouncer, and my mom claims that last night she picked up her own paci and put it in her mouth, all by herself.
Chloe just starting to roll over
After she rolled over and landed on her belly
Holding her own bottle. She is even starting to understand that when she drops it there is no milk. She is learning to put the bottle back in her mouth.
In her P.J.'s playing in her bouncer.
I have also started taking Chloe to a baby bookworm class at the Highland Library with a bunch of my girlfriends and their babies. We sing, read books, learn sign language, and have playtime. The babies just kind of stare at each other, but it's soo cute. I think Chloe is crushing on baby Landon and baby Dominick. We also started a playgroup with my Alpha Phi sisters and had our first play date on Thursday. I am having so much watching Chloe explore the world and discover the new things that she can do. We are making the most out of every day that we have together before I unfortunately have to go back to work.

Chloe at baby bookworm with baby Dominick and baby Landon At our Alpha Phi play group. We dressed the kids up and tried to get a picture, but this task was just impossible.


Karolyn said...

It's so exciting when they start doing new things on their own! I totally know what you mean. You are so lucky Chloe is starting to hold her own bottle. . . I'm still trying to get Kaydin to hold his! The baby bookworm class sounds like so much fun!

Amanda said...


You've been boo'd! Go to my blog to see why!

Katie said...

That last picture is hilarious!! haha Landon and Chloe are just chillin' while the "big" kids are freaking out! haha That would be my Cole! love it!