Sunday, April 19, 2009

Maternity Pics and More...

Well, it has been very busy the last couple of weeks and I am very excited to finally have a chance to post. I have been very occupied planning my sisters bridal shower that was held at my house yesterday. It was a great success, but I'll tell ya, it is a lot harder throwing a party when you are 7 months prego! Thanks to all of the help, especially from my mom, it turned out fabulous. Unfortunately I do not have pics of the event yet as I did not take any from my camera. As soon as they are sent my way, I will definitely share!

Last weekend my Aunt Sandy came over to our house and took some fabulous maternity pictures for us! She did a great job and we are very excited to share them with everybody. Please read this disclaimer before viewing the photos; my belly is HUGE!!

Lily had to jump in every shot she possibly could

Chloe's ultra sound pic is in the backgroundIn Chloe's nursery

Just had to throw this one in because she is just too cute!

Again, my belly is HUGE!!

So, here is quick update on the nursery. The furniture is in and the construction is complete, now it's just time to decorate. The original plan was that my mom was going to make all of the crib bedding for us. Apparently I am very picky, and I could not find anything out there that I liked. So my mom graciously volunteered to help make my vision come to life. We found the perfect fabric online (or so we thought), and had everything designed exactly to my liking. The fabric sample came in and it is way to thick for my precious little baby (think hotel curtain thick). So, we are back to square one, searching for bedding again. I think I am getting close in narrowing down my decision, stay tuned! Here are a couple of pics of the furniture, keep in mind that we do not have a crib mattress yet.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nursery Construction Complete

After a very long couple of weeks, I am very excited to announce that the nursery construction is complete! I love it so much I just stand at the door and stare for what seems like hours. I can only imagine how it's going to look once the furniture is in (which should be tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed!). David has worked so hard this past week, giving up his spring break to give me the nursery of my dreams (and Chloe's dreams too!). He did such a wonderful job and hardly complained at all, shocking huh? As soon as the crib furniture is put together, I will continue to post pictures to show our progress. Bring on the decorating!!

Just a reminder of how the room looked before

Proud daddy painting his little girls room! (He did a great job by the way)
All ready for the furniture!!