Monday, November 2, 2009

My Little Flowers First Halloween!!

Chloe had a great first Halloween! Although, I really think mommy had more fun! I completely forgot how much fun it is to go trick-or-treating! Grammy and Grampy, Auntie Courtney and Uncle Anthony, all came over to help celebrate her first Halloween. We had such a great day! She looked so cute in her costume, and she never cried in it once. She is probably so used to mommy putting stuff in her hair all of the time that it did not even phase her. I cannot wait until next year when she is walking!!

Having fun with Lily (Chloe loves her lily poo!). I love both of my little flowers!

My cute little flower

Okay mom, I am ready, lets go....


Okay I'm done, bed time PLEASE!!!

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Karolyn said...

what a beautiful flower you have!! Looks like you all had a fun Halloween!