Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful Baptism

Our sweet little angel Chloe was Baptised on Sunday, October 11th at the First Unitied Methodist Church in Riverside. Chloe was baptised into the Christian religion and her baptism will be recognised at any Christian church. We chose this church as it has become very special to us. David's father and stepmother have been members there for years, and David and I started going prior to my pregnancy.
This day was so special for us. We invited all of the grandparents, Godparents, and siblings to join us on the stage. When the ceremony was over, the pastor took Chloe down the aisles of the church to show her off to the congregation. She was our little star as always. She was awake for the entire church service, and did not cry once. Everybody headed over to our house afterwards for yummy pulled pork sandwiches and lots of fun! We will hold this special day in are hearts forever.
Our little Angel. Grammy Striegel made her Baptism dress, bonnet, and matching white blanket. She did an amazing job!

With the Godparents, My sister Courtney, and David's best friend Lorenzo

The beautiful cake that my mom made. She is one talented women!


Holly said...

Chloe's gown and cake was beautiful!! She looked liked a perfect angel :) Your mom is definitley talented!!

The Book of Renee and Ryan said...

Beautiful day! Chloe is such a sweetheart!

Amanda said...

How nice! I just love that dress Chloe is wearing!