Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bows, bows, and more bows!

Okay, so I must confess, I am totally obsessed with buying my daughter bows and headbands and making her wear them with EVERY outfit, as I am sure all of you have already noticed. My fetish for bows is out of control, but she just looks so ADORABLE with them on. They totally complete her outfits!

Thankfully I have a few friends that custom make these gorgeous bows, because you just cant find cute ones in the stores. My friend Missy has a booth at the Redlands Market Night, called Karsons Creations. My friend Stefany also makes them in the Menife/Murritta area. All of the bows attach to headbands, so you can mix and match. If anybody is interested in these adorable bows for their daughters, let me know and I can put you in contact with them.

So what am I really excited about for this football season?? Chloe's Chargers cheerleader outfit, with yes, the matching bow. I had Missy make a football bow in the Chargers colors and I just love it!! There are little footballs in the middle of the bow. As always, I have attached a million pictures of Chloe's favorite bows. I am just a proud mama, what can I say.

The bow fetish started in the hospital from the day she was born.

The flowers are my favorite, she has them in three different colors. They also have rhinestones all over them so they sparkle, hehe.

David's cousins, Tim and Marci, actually sent this one. Too cute!


Katie said...

Oh man! those are some seriously cute pictures of Chloe modeling her bows! What a doll!! It must be so fun dressing a little girl up!!

Holly said...

oh my goodness! How fun is that! I totally LOVE the Chargers outfit!!!

Heidi said...

how cute!! I LOVE all of your matching bows they are super cute! and they DO complete her outfits!

Jodi said...

Nevaeh has the same chargers cheerleader outfit. That's what she's going to be for halloween. How funny!

Elaina's Mommy said...

My fav is the flower headband too! I have a friend at work that asked about the bows after seeing your blog. her name is emily and she is on blogger too. www.salazarfamily62808.blogspot.com. she is interested in getting a matching bow for her daughter's b-day outfit.