Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A "Beachy" Kind of Day!

Chloe had her first trip to the beach on Labor Day which proved to be quite an adventure. We were up bright and early, got the car loaded, and headed out to beautiful Newport Beach. Our friends, the Guerra's, kindly let us take over their beach house for the day. (I mean it when I said take over, you should have seen all of the stuff we brought for the baby for one day at the beach, haha).

We had such a great time with all of the Alpha Phi Aunties. Heidi, Manny & Noah from Louisiana were there. We also had a great time with Robin and Tiffanie too! But, I must say, the life of the party was hands down Monie, Robin's mom! She made sure we were all having a good time, keeping everybody's drinks full at all times. Gotta love her, thanks Monie for letting us invade your house!

We took Chloe down to the water, which was a feat in itself. Of course, I had to have a picture of us holding her with the water in the background. We had no idea that it would take almost an hour just to walk down to the beach (that mind you, was steps away). I had to pack up the diaper bag (duh), change her outfit (3-4 times to get the right look), get the sunglasses perfectly in place with her hat, lather her up in sunblock, Oh wait, she is smiling, lets take a picture, get the baby bjorn adjusted, get the baby in the baby bjorn, grab a blanket, send Robin back in for the umbrella, grab a smaller blanket, cannot forget the camera, and were off. Wheeew, all that for 5 minutes on the beach for a picture, and back to the house we went.

Heidi has a picture of four of us walking down the beach all holding Chloe's stuff that I will post as soon as she sends it. (In my defence, we were planning on staying a little longer, but Noah decided he did not like the beach, THANK GOD, the sun was scaring me with the baby)

Our beach trip was very fun and exciting. All of the aunties got a kick out of Chloe's 3 dress changes throughout the day (in my defence, she did spit up on her outfits). It was great to hang with the girls and hubby's, and enjoy the sun, the waves, and the crazy mommy with her diva daughter, haha. (Manny thinks I should be on a reality show with Chloe, apparently I am fun to watch and for them to make fun of, I love you too Manny!) So, until next time....

My new favorite picture!
What a proud daddy (hey, watch the sun in her face dad)

Mommy and her precious little girl
Awww.. The girls, we miss you Tiff C. and Janice

Posing in between packing everything up to head down to the beach
Robin and Chloe
Heidi and Chloe (Chloe proving she has clothes that are not all pink)

Manny giving Chloe a pep talk about her new reality t.v. show
Tiffanie and Chloe


Katie said...

LOVE it! What would you have done if you had a boy first?! I'm sure he would have still been best dressed! What a great lil mama you are!

Heidi said...

i promise to try to get to uploading my pictures this weekend. I still haven't even unpacked my suitcases...LOL