Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6 Weeks of Baby Bliss!!

The last 6 weeks with my baby girl has been the best 6 weeks of my life!! I never knew how much a child could change your life, and in more ways than I ever imagined! My heart is so full of love for her, and I cannot believe how fast she is growing up.

We have had an eventful last couple of weeks. We were very lucky to catch Heidi and Noah for a visit before they flew back home to LA. We had a pool party at Robin's with all of the Alpha Phi Aunties. Chloe got to meet baby Landon (Holly and Jon's son), and it was love at first sight. We took our first overnight trip to Lake Arrowhead to visit Grammy and Grampy. Who knew that the entire back of our Acura would be completely full for ONE night!! And of course there have been many visits with all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends. Chloe's popularity has been keeping us very busy. Here are just a few pics taken of her in the last couple of weeks. Oh, and she has already discovered herself in the mirror, YIKES!!

Holly and Landon's visit

Lake Arrowhead

With Grandpa John

Hanging pool side at Auntie Robins

Tummy time


Heidi said...

so fun! you need to send me new pics so I can give you a blog makeover!

Elaina's Mommy said...

Devyn, I love your new blog design! Chloe is so beautiful!