Sunday, December 12, 2010

All Aboard!

All Aboard to the North Pole that is...

If you have ever seen the Polar Express, then you can imagine the excitement in all of our eyes when we boarded the North Pole Express this past weekend! Thinking this amazing trip would be so exciting for Chloe, we found that it was just as exciting for us adults (especially me, hehe) and we all found our inner child. Watching the excitment on Chloe's face was priceless (and worth every penny we spent!).

We started by writing Chloe's wish list to Santa so we could give it to him on the train.

We then boarded the train in our PJ's where we were greeted with Elves, the conductor, and lots of Christmas singing.

Grandma Ginger and Daddy

Grandma LeeAnn, Cousin Airyn, and Grandpa Daryl

As the train got moving, we enjoyed Christmas cookies, chocolate milk, and we were even read the famous Christmas story, The Night Before Christmas! Chloe really enjoyed her milk and cookies!

We were then handed bells to ring so Santa could here us coming to the North Pole! Chloe also really enjoyed ringing her bells, at one point she had one in each hand.

We then picked up Santa at the North Pole where he boarded our train to come visit all of the children.

Our first sight of the North Pole!

You should of heard the kids scream when Santa entered our train car!

Do you see my inner child coming out???

and as expected, not a big fan of Santa,  haha. (But she did like the elves!)

We Sang Christmas carols all the way back to the train station, rang our bells, and just had a goofy and fun time!

Our train ride to the North Pole was so amazing, and beyond my expectations by far! This will definitely be the start of yet another Salmon family tradition for years to come.  


Lucia Diaz said...

I have friends at work that do this every year and love it!! Glad you guys had such a great time! Love the PINK!

Holly said...

What a fun & magical trip!! Definitely an awesome tradition to start!