Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Then and now

Writing this post brings a tear to my eye. My good friends Vanessa and Holly had there babies within weeks of Chloe. We have had so much fun getting the little ones together over the last year. All three are approaching their first birthday's which is so surreal to me. We have had so much fun watching the kids grow and play together. Looking forward to many play dates in the future!
and now


Karolyn said...

They are all so cute! And getting so big! Looks like they will be friends forever - very sweet :)

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, this post made me cry!! I just can't believe they have grown so fast! Look at that first picture...they can't even sit up!! So so bittersweet! I'm so happy and thankful that Landon has Chloe & DJ as sweet little friends. So many fun memories to make :)

Vanessa Winbigler said...

Aghhhhh do you want me to cry! Love the post, the pics and you and Chloe! Hugs. ~v

Katie said...

1st birthdays already!? Oh wow!! They are ALL so dang cute!!!!!